Priya Narang

United States

Priya Narang Bio

Who is Priya Narang

Priya Narang is a successful media and business woman. Starting career with Young and Rubicam, she worked for various MNCs like BMW, Bacardi, Volkswagen, Sprint and DeBeers.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was born in USA to a well-educated family. She is from Westport, Ct and started her outstanding career as a media planner with Young and Rubicam.

Interesting Facts

She is currently associated with Citibank National Association and is working as VP-Global Media. It is believed that she was a scholar from her childhood.

Personal Life

Priya Narang is a divorced woman. She was married to a American television journalist Josh Elliott. She has a daughter with her ex husband and has the primary custody of the child.


It is believed that her husband was a sex addict and she even caught him red-handed being intimate with his intern.