Nili Hadida


Nili Hadida Bio

Who is Nili Hadida

Nili Hadida is an emerging music talent. She is a signer and songwriter and she is mainly known as the folk duo of Lilly Wood and the Prick.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was born in the mid 1980s in Tel Aviv, Israel. She also spent most of her childhood days in Tel Aviv, Israeln and then she moved to France.

Interesting Facts

After she met Benjamin Cotto in a Parisian café, they came up with an idea of writing songs together. They also formed Lilly Wood and the Prick in 2006.

Personal Life

Nili Hadida was also raised in England and several other parts of the world. She has millions of fans in social medias but she is still a single lady.


Their debut album Invincible Friends was released in 2010.