Miles Jai

Web Star

Miles Jai Bio

Who is Miles Jai

Gained a global fame after uploading her vlogs, make-up tutorials, and parodies on his YouTube channel named MilesJaiProductions. Jai other YouTube channel is MilesJaiVLOG, and MilesJaiProductions2.

Early Life (Childhood)

Miles was born in New Mexico as a son of military parents. He has one brother named Jordan. Along with his parents, he migrated to California at 5 and again Anchorage, Alaska before settling permanently in California. With Jordan, he used to spent his time on video camera.

Interesting Facts

He was bullied in his class about his sexuality. 'Like Mah Status' was his one of the most viewed video. Miles has also become the inspiration for the people like him. Currently, he is busy on his GED.

Personal Life

Miles is a homosexual. He has not been into any love affairs and his dating history also seems empty. Jai is busy in his Youtube career.