Max Stanley

Web Star

Max Stanley Bio

Who is Max Stanley

An Australian Internet sensation and social media star who earned millions of heartthrob after posting his videos of prank call and challenges on his YouTube channel named Maxmoefoe.

Early Life (Childhood)

Stanley was born and grew up in Western Australia. His parents information is inaccessible. In 2007 he initiated his web career and posted prank videos after four years.

Interesting Facts

Some of his other channels are Maxmoefoe, Maxmoefoetwo, MaxmoefoeGames, MaxmoefoePokemon and Maxmoefoecollection. Also took a year gap from webbing because of personal problems.

Personal Life

XantiaJams was his girlfriend. They dated for 5 years and finally ended up their relationship. Currently he is dating new girl but her information is kept low.


Once his pranked unexpectedly uncover that the man was pedophile. Due to this his account was banned for couple of weeks. Somehow a video of boy masturbating posted on his chat site and YouTube had removed it.