Mae West

United States

Mae West Bio

Who is Mae West

Mae West also known as Mary Jane Mae West, was an American actress, singer, playwright, screenwriter, comedian and also well known for sex symbol.

Early Life (Childhood)

Mae West from her early age started to entertained a crowd at a church social when she was just five years old. And she started appearing in amateur shows at the age of seven.

Interesting Facts

In1935, according to The first: newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, She, West was the highest-paid star in Hollywood — and the second highest-paid person in the United States.

Personal Life

West was married to Frank Szatkus on 1911 but got divorced on 1943 then West was linked up with Guido Deiro who got married on 1914 again got divorced on 1920.


Though Mae west was nominated couples of time but the main award that she won was Golden Apple Awards for Female Star of the year in the year 1969.


Due to her big hands and adam apple many of the new reports had made a news of She actually being HE (male)