Laura Linney

United States

Laura Linney Bio

Who is Laura Linney

Laura Leggett Linney is a three-time Academy Award nominee American actress. She is widely recognized for her performance in the movie titled ‘Wild Iris’, and has played prominent roles in films as Mystic River, Primal Fear, Love Actually and The Truman Show.

Early Life (Childhood)

Linney was born in Manhattan. She studied acting Northwestern University with Jim Barnhill and John Emigh, and served on the board of Production Workshop, the university's student theatre group.

Interesting Facts

As a youngster she worked behind the scenes in the theatre and made the jump to acting by trying her hand at various bit parts in her early-teens.

Personal Life

Laura married David Adkins in 1995 and got divorced in 2000. She wed Marc Schauer in May 2009 where actor Liam Neeson walked her down the aisle. Linney gave birth to a son in January 2014.


She has received four Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award. in addition, she received three Academy Award nominations and three Tony Award nominations.