Kazuha Matsumoto


Kazuha Matsumoto Bio

Who is Kazuha Matsumoto

Kazuah Matsumoto is a photographer that had interest in videos portraits and many photos. He is known for capturing and editing his unique photography. His photography is simple, luxurious and well organized.

Early Life (Childhood)

Kazuha Matsumoto was born in 1977 in Wakayama, Japan. Kazuha Matsumoto was interested by movie and PV images and started to learn on his own. His theme of photography was usually watches, bags, makeups.

Interesting Facts

In Japan Kazuha's photos are a hit and the people there are always excited for the next picture he is going to take and edit. His photography is beautiful. He really shows you how important lighting,angles and positioning are when it comes to photography.

Personal Life

Talking about Matsumoto personal life, there is no information regarding his wife and children. He started assisting Shu Akashi since 2004. Later on he opened up his own company and became a photographer.


Kazuha matsumoto has entered many photography competitions and photo convention and has won many awards and is deeply admired.