Julie Gonzalo


Julie Gonzalo Bio

Who is Julie Gonzalo

Dynamic and beautiful Argentine born American actress and model, who earned recognition after portraying a role in hit drama series Dallas and movies like A Cinderella Story and Freaky Friday.

Early Life (Childhood)

Born in Buenos Aires and grew up in Miami, Florida, she firstly initiated her career as a model. Then she learned acting in theater and debuted in Hollywood as a supporting actor from the movie I'm with Lucy.

Interesting Facts

She has got dual citizenship,one America and other Argentina. Because of her dedication and orientation in work, her calculated net worth is $8 million. She has got very sexy and appealing body and guys goes gaga for her.

Personal Life

The 34 year old lady is still single. Although she has gained lots of attention from paparazzis, she has managed to hide her personal life to medias. Nobody knows her relationship and dating history.


She has won ALMA Awards and got nominations in Imagen Foundation Awards.


Rumors stated that she has been married secretly and pregnant with a child. Afterall rumors are rumors until it is confirmed.