John Turturro

United States

John Turturro Bio

Who is John Turturro

John Turturro (born February 28, 1957) is an Italian and American actor, writer and director. He is famous for his roles in the films Do the Right Thing, Miller's Crossing, Barton Fink, Quiz Show and the first three films in the Transformers film series.

Early Life (Childhood)

Turturro was born in Brooklyn, New York. His mother was Katherine an amateur jazz singer who worked in a Navy yard during World War II and his father Nicholas Turturro was a carpenter and shoemaker.

Interesting Facts

Turturro received his Italian passport in 2011 and is now dual Italian and American citizen. He produced and directed, as well as acted in, the film Illuminata.

Personal Life

He got married to actress Katherine Borowitz. They have two sons named: Amedeo (born 1990) and Diego (born 2000). His brother Nicholas Turturro is also an actor.


Turturro got nominated in various awards and he was also lucky enough to win Primetime Emmy Awards, Avignon/New York Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival.