John Hill


John Hill Bio

Who is John Hill

Professional skateboarder popular on social media. He has earned upwards of 110,000 followers on Instagram and been sponsored by companies like Rat Cheese Wax and Bluetile Skateshop.

Early Life (Childhood)

He first created his YouTube channel in June 2011 but didn't post his first video until four years later.He used to skateboard from his early age.He is a very popular social networking celebrity.

Interesting Facts

Outside skating, he is also a successful vlogger, earning more than 350,000 YouTube subscribers on his self-titled channel.His Youtube channel has more than 450 videos with total views of more than 40 millions.

Personal Life

He is half-Asian and half-Caucasian. The South Carolina native later lived in California.His vlogging adventures have scored him friendships with stars like Casey Bechler and Samuel Tabor.