Jedidiah Goodacre


Jedidiah Goodacre Bio

Who is Jedidiah Goodacre

canadian actor who has stolen millions of heart from his role in the movies Tomorrowland and Descendants. He has also played in the television fims like If There Be Thorns, Zapped, and Restless Virgins.

Early Life (Childhood)

He first opened his eyes in Petrolia, Ontario, Canada. He is the smallest among his three eldest sisters and brothers. Goodacre went to Vancouver Film School for Acting for Film and Television.

Interesting Facts

He has also appeared in the television sitcom like 'The 100', 'Some Assembly Required' and 'Supernatural'. His nicknam is Jedi amd he has a pet dog.

Personal Life

Till now there are not any verified news about his relationship status. It seems like he wants to stayn away from love life and focus on his career.