Isaiah Fredericks

Web Star
United States

Isaiah Fredericks Bio

Who is Isaiah Fredericks

A young Star of the popular show Awesomeness TV and Nickelodeon sketch Isaiah Fredericks is also a YouTube sensation nicknamed Zay Zay who is known for his hilarious videos

Early Life (Childhood)

Isaiah fredericks , his first video entitled "Growing Up Black" in youtube got started at early age when he begged his father, comedian Kevin Fredericks, to make him a video.

Interesting Facts

Isaiah Fredericks had a new show in youtube named in a new adaptation of The Little Rascals titled The Little Rascals Save the Day.

Personal Life

Isaiah was born in Tacoma, WA and later moved to Los Angeles. His father is also a comedian Kevin Fredericks and He has a younger brother named Josiah.


After Isaiah several videos, he got full attention as thousands of viewers and constantly growing and grabbing nationwide also from blogs to websites, to radio and TV.


No such rumors and controversy has been found yet!