India de

Television Personality
United Kingdom

India de Beaufort Bio

Who is India de

is a British actress and singer-songwriter who is known beat for her role for the seventh season of One Tree Hill in 2009/2010 as Miranda.

Early Life (Childhood)

There is no information available about her early life and schooling to extract from any media sources.

Interesting Facts

Both of her parents were dancers, thus, had appeared in many British TV shows around the 70s and 80s decade.

Personal Life

Currently dating Todd Grinnell. Had dated Dancing with the Stars’ actor Derek Hough for eight years since 2000 till 2008. There is no any record of her marriage or divorce or any dating history.


Has her own clothing line called Ballyhoo, which she introduced during 2012 New York Fashion Week as part of the Emerge show that showcases young and upcoming fashion designers.


There is any current rumor seen on her as she has been discreet on her personal matters.