Hayley Williams

United States

Hayley Williams Bio

Who is Hayley Williams

Versatile and beautiful pop singer,songwriter and musician from America.She is associated with the rock band named Paramore as a main singer.

Early Life (Childhood)

Born and grew up in Meridian,Mississippi from father Joey Williams and mother Cristi Williams.She hasn’t got her own siblings but has two half sisters.

Interesting Facts

She has an estimated net worth of eight million dollar.Hayley is owner of the hair dye company named Good Dye Young.

Personal Life

Hayley is married to her longtime boyfriend,guitarist Chad Gilbert.There is no information regarding her children.They are living happy life.


Kerrang Reader’s Poll,Teen Choice Award,MTV Video Music,Shockwaves NME Award,MTV Clubland Award,Kerrang Award.


Rumour stated that she has become pregnant which has been officially denied.