Gabriel Byrne

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Gabriel Byrne Bio

Who is Gabriel Byrne

He is a multitalented and charming Irish actor who played various movies like P.S, In Treatment, Vampire Academy, All Things to All Men and so on.Except acting he is also a film director and producer, a writer, cultural ambassador and audiobook narrator.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born in Walkinstown, Dublin 12 as a first son of soldier Dan Byrne (Father) and a hospital nurse Eileen Byrne (Mother).He studied archaeology and linguistics in University College Dublin.

Interesting Facts

He was raised in Roman Catholic society.He was educated by the christian brothers.Before becoming an actor he is a school teacher, a short-order cook and also a bull fighter.

Personal Life

Regarding to his personal life he is a married man.His first wife name is Ellen Barkin and this couple has two children named as Jack Daniel and Romy Marion.but now this couple got divorced and he is in a relation with Hannah Beth King.


In his career he was nominated for various awards like Primetime Emmy Awards, AFI Award,Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, IF Awards and also won various awards like Golden Globes, Maverick Tribute Award,International Fantasy Film Award and so on.


There is no rumor about him.