FaZe Hugz

Web Star
United Kingdom

FaZe Hugz Bio

Who is FaZe Hugz

Famous on YouTube, the gamer known as FaZe HugZ has accumulated over 200,000 subscribers. His most popular uploads include "Gaming Setup Video" and "One Year of Being in FaZe."

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born in England. His real name is Mick, and he spent his early years in both England and Canada.

Interesting Facts

He has over 240,000 Twitter followers and more than 200,000 Instagram fans. Many of his YouTube videos feature his sister Lea. FaZe Clan have over 4 million subscribers and over 672 million video views total.

Personal Life

FaZe Clan Is the number one Call of Duty clan on YouTube. Like fellow web personality FaZe Dirty, FaZe HugZ is a member of the FaZe YouTube gaming community.