Estee Lalonde

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Estee Lalonde Bio

Who is Estee Lalonde

Estee Lalonde is a YouTube channel Essie button, from Canada. From 2011, this canadian girl Estee Lalonde was well recognized by many people by her blogging and Vlogging

Early Life (Childhood)

Estee Lalonde was born in Canada but her career of Vlogging and blogging started when she moved to London on 2010 from where she actully entered the world of vlogging anf blogging.

Interesting Facts

A student of psychology, and moving into new place, made her spend most of her time into internet thats where she discovered the idea of blogging, disregarding the fame and money.

Personal Life

Estee Lalonde was believed to leave Canada and moved to England, to be with her boyfriend Aslan. And after moving her life took new direction into blogging field.


Estee Lalonde has attracted over 1.1 million subscribers. She is also known for her beauty and lifestyle blogging and vlogging.


Blogging being disheartening tweets and Estee Lalonde did react on that, which was taking all the eyes of tweeters.