Drew Lynch

United States

Drew Lynch Bio

Who is Drew Lynch

Drew Lynch was a stand-up comedian act from Season 10 personality from America's Got Talent who had aspirations of becoming a film actor. He was the runner-up of the competition.

Early Life (Childhood)

Drew was born in Indiana and raised in Las Vegas alongside his brother Stephen. His father is Leo Lynch. Drew graduated high school with aspirations of becoming a fully articulate film actor in Los Angeles.

Interesting Facts

The current estimated Net Worth of Drew Lynch is $17.8 million. When he was 20 years old, he suffered vocal trauma after a softball hit him in the throat, leaving him with a stutter.

Personal Life

Talking about the personal life of Drew, he is in relationship with his caring, supportive as well as loving girlfriend who actually took on the three jobs so that he could pursue his stand-up career.


Drew Lynch is the three time a stand-up comedian finished in second place in America's got talent Season 7, Season 8 and Season 10.