Donnie Yen


Donnie Yen Bio

Who is Donnie Yen

Famous for playing tough and impulsive characters in his films, Donnie Yen is an actor and director. He is a Chinese martial artist.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born and raised in an upper class family in China. His father is an editor and his mother is a Tai Chi grandmaster. He was raised in Hong Kong.

Interesting Facts

He is said to have the net worth of US $ 40,000,000. He is five feet and eight inches in his height. He is also a choreographer.

Personal Life

He was first married to Zing-Ci Leung but this married life lasted for about two years. He is now married to Cissy Wang. She is a lovely model.


He has won Golden Bauhinia Awards once in his life.


In the mid 1980s, he suffered a heavy injury in his right shoulder.