Chandra Danette Wilson

United States

Chandra Danette Wilson Bio

Who is Chandra Danette Wilson

Chandra Danette Wilson is a former high school singer and she is now active as an actress appearing in several movies, TV series and plays.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was born on 27th of August 1969 in Houston, Texas, United States. She was born to and raised by Wilma Bradshaw Allen.

Interesting Facts

She has a short stature and that is five feet tall. She earned the annual salary of $235,294 in 2014. Her net worth is estimated to be around $2,000,000.

Personal Life

She is the mother of three children and she has been married to her loving husband since a long time. Her third child Michael was born at the end of 2005.


She was crowned with People's Choice Awards, USA in 2008.


As a child, she also worked as a model.