Blakely Bjerken

Web Star
United States

Blakely Bjerken Bio

Who is Blakely Bjerken

Younger sister of award winning gymnast Whitney Bjerken who has a segment on Whitney's YouTube channel called Blakely's World. She is a competitive gymnast like her older sister.

Early Life (Childhood)

The girl, born on Georgia, was first seen on Whitney 's YouTube channel in September of 2013 in a video called "Blakely's First Soccer Match." She scored five goals in that match.

Interesting Facts

She competed as part of a team called Atlanta North Stars Gym. She was involved in an accident in May of 2015 when she was hit by a car in a parking lot, breaking her leg.

Personal Life

She has two older brothers named Sterling and Braxton. The eight year old girl is very talented. She and Sydnastical are both YouTube stars and gymnasts.