Blake Reese

Web Star
United States

Blake Reese Bio

Who is Blake Reese

Blake Reese is one of the stars of the hit YouTube channel Our Family Nest who is seen in videos alongside with his family of six members.

Early Life (Childhood)

Blake Reese was born on June 28, 2000 in Michigan, US. He is the second born child and son of Ken and Candi. He has brothers Andrew and Chase Reese and a sister Karli Reese.

Interesting Facts

Blake Reese along with his family began making random videos in 2012, but began posting since October of 2014. He distributed the warheads to his brother Chase and sister Karli in the Our Family Nest popular video "Warheads Challenge - Kids Edition."

Personal Life

Blake Reese is just 16 years old. So obviously he isn't married. May be he is having a relationship with any girl of his age. But he has kept the facts about his personal life secret.


He has gained name and fame both through YouTube channel Our Family Nest.