Angela Raiola

United States

Angela Raiola Bio

Who is Angela Raiola

Popularly known by her nick name, Big Ang was a globally recognized reality television personally. She came to to prominence after appearing in a Vh1 sitcoms Mob Wives. She died because of her cancer in throat,  lungs and brain.

Early Life (Childhood)

Ang was born as Angela Joyce Raiola in Brooklyn, New York. There's not any information regarding her childhood days. Seems like she wanted to her profile low.

Interesting Facts

Big has a huge amount of eye catching net worth of $15 million. Her sexy body measures 38-32-36 inches. She was a niece of Salvatore "Sally Dogs" Lombardi, a massive drug dealer. Her smoking habit was her reason after her death. She owned a bar named  Staten Island but it's closed now.

Personal Life

Amg was a mother of a two children and grandmother of a six grand children along with her husband Neil Murphy. They dated eachother before tying the knot.


She was arrested after police found her dealing with the drugs in the Brooklyn. They also claimed her as one of the leader. Later she was again arrested while seeking the drugs. The she was sent for the probation.