Allie Gonino

United States

Allie Gonino Bio

Who is Allie Gonino

Actress, singer and song writer feom America. She is better known for her role in ABC's family series The Lying Games and 10 Things I Hate about You.

Early Life (Childhood)

Born in Fort Worth, Texas as a youngest daughter of Dr. John and Linda Gonino. They are the founder and owner of Gonino Center for Healing in Heath. She earned her GED. To purse her musical career she moved to Los Angeles.

Interesting Facts

Toured with Justin Bieber and her ex-band The Stunners. Co-founder of the band The Good Mad. She has been associated with campaign called and the Thirst Project. Plays fiddle,keyboard and mandolin.

Personal Life

Allie has managed to remain silent on her personal matters, She has not shown any interest publicizing her dating history and relationship status to her fans and medias.